Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Date

Last night, Josh and I went out on our Valentine's date (a little early since we have plans this weekend). So, since Josh and I have been married, we have never made much money. We like celebrating birthdays and holidays together, but we have to be careful not to spend too much money buying presents and going out. So, our normal routine is to skip presents (I know, to some of you this seems ridiculous to voluntarily veto presents) and set aside a good amount of money to go out together on a nice date. We usually find one of the nicest restaurants in town and go all out. We order appetizers, big meals, a bottle of wine, and dessert if we aren't too full. We take our time, ordering one thing at a time, not ordering the next course until we have finished the previous one. We usually end up staying at the restaurant for up to 3 hours!

I love celebrating special occasions with Josh this way because we really get to enjoy each others' company, with great conversation and an escape from our normal routine. For one night we pretend like we make tons of money and that fancy dinners are normal for us. I would highly recommend doing this. It may seem strange to spend so much money on something consumable, but I feel like the value of these dinners is so much higher than any present Josh could give me (and don't get me wrong here, I love presents).

Last night we decided to have our special Valentine's date at the Double Nickel here in Lubbock. You can find their website here. We had been there a few times before and really like it. Usually the only time we go there is if our parents are in town and are feeling extra gracious! This restaurant has amazing steaks in a nice, romantic atmosphere. We had great service last night as well. We ordered the lobster roll for an appetizer, which was something neither of us had tried before. It was okay, but nothing special. Most of the appetizers were seafood, and I think Josh and I have come to the conclusion that most seafood in Lubbock is mediocre (we are a long way from the coast in the middle of nowhere). So next time we will just order soup or salad ahead of time rather than one of the appetizers. They also bring out good bread before your meal. I ordered the 8 oz. filet, which came with creamed corn and mash potatoes. It was really good, and cooked perfectly! Josh ordered the bone-in ribeye, which he enjoyed so much I could hardly get a word out of him! We ordered a bottle of Pinot Noir, which I can't remember the name of anymore, but it was really good. The wine there is pricey by the bottle, so be prepared! We skipped dessert this time because we were so full. All in all, it was a wonderful date. If you haven't checked out the Double Nickel before, give it a try for your next special occasion!

We bought this bottle of Le Grand Pinot Noir during our last visit to World Market. It is very tasty, and pretty inexpensive. I thought I would share this recommendation.

I mentioned previously that I was going to climb in the Tech climbing competition this weekend, but it is not going to work out. Maybe next year! Anyway, I will try to get a good workout in with a run or something.

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