Monday, February 1, 2010

1st Non-Cheating Day

Okay, so as I mentioned in my last post, we cheated on the "Empty Fridge, Empty Wallet" challenge Saturday night. I guess you could say we cheated Sunday as well. We had leftover pizza for lunch, and for dinner, I was too tired to cook, so we decided to use a Texas Roadhouse gift card we had been given for Christmas. I ordered a burger, and was very tempted to have fries as my side, but I resisted the temptation and ordered a baked potato instead (although, I am not sure the butter, sour cream, cheese, and bacon made it much healthier).

So, the weekend is over, and I am done cheating! I came home for lunch today and made an Asian pasta, similar to one I made awhile back. If you look back to my second post, there is a recipe for Spicy Peanut Noodles with Shrimp. I made the sauce and noodles from that recipe, and since I did not have any of the vegetables or shrimp, I just topped it with sesame seeds, cilantro, and garnished it with a lime wedge. It was really good, and only took about 15 minutes to cook. There was extra sauce left over, so I stuck it in the fridge and will be able to use it in the future.

Some of you may be curious about what certain ingredients are, so I took a picture of the noodles I used and the chili paste with garlic. I bought these at World Market, but they are also available at some grocery stores and Asian Markets.

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  1. Have you tried this with Shirataki noodles? They are almost no calories (like 5 calories per serving).