Monday, February 22, 2010

Chilly Day, Warm Food

Yesterday was cold, so I was in the mood for warm food when I walked home for lunch. So, I made a grilled bacon and cheese sandwich. I cooked bacon, Then placed it on bread with cheddar, mayo, and dijon mustard. Then I grilled it on each side for a few minutes. A little tip when grilling sandwiches: place a lid or foil over the pan, and the cheese will melt a little better. Wonderful melty cheese is the key to perfect grilled sandwiches!

On Sunday night I made a last-minute dinner of breakfast quesadillas. I cooked bacon and scrambled eggs, then folded them over in a tortilla. Next, I grilled it in a pan with oil and topped it with chili powder. I served it with my homemade salsa. It was a nice, tasty, quick dinner!

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