Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spicy Meals...Mmm!

Tonight Josh had his night class, and I had a meeting, so I decided to try something new for dinner. First I went to Thai Thai, a local place I have been meaning to try, but apparently, they are closed on Tuesdays...so much for that. So instead, I decided I would try Saigon Cafe, which is just down the street from it. It is a Vietnamese restaurant (a first for me)! I asked the woman at the counter for a recommendation, and she mentioned a few things, one of which I tried, the Thit Heo Xao Rau Cai, also known as C-23 (much easier to remember). I ordered it spicy, and it had a nice kick. It is shredded pork in garlic sauce served with white rice. It was really good, very flavorful! I would definitely recommend it if you live in Lubbock. It was also cheap, $6.50 for my entree, which was more than enough food. They do not have a website, but they are located at 4515 50th St., between Quaker and Slide (on the south side of the street).

Last night I looked at what we had on hand at the house, and decided to make some yummy grilled sandwiches (good comfort food). I made the sandwiches with turkey, smoked gouda, bacon (one piece on each sandwich), and made some chipotle mayonnaise for it as well. I grilled it with olive oil over the stove. The gouda is really tasty but not too melty (to use a technical term), so another cheese might be better.

To make the mayonnaise, I placed mayonnaise and a couple of chipotle peppers (they can be found canned in the Latin foods section of your grocery store), in my small food processor and pulsed them together. It was very spicy (which we like), and added great flavor to the sandwich. I think this sandwich would also taste great with avocados or guacamole.

Last night, I decided to try a little at home work out. We have instant Netflix, so I took advantage of it, and tried a pilates video. It was a really good workout, especially for a core workout. I love having instant Netflix and being able to try different workout videos.

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