Thursday, February 4, 2010


Today I had a basketball tournament to coach, so I got home a little late and decided it was a "to go" kind of night. We picked up dinner from one of our favorite local restaurants, Sri Maharaja. They have wonderful, amazing Indian food. We usually like to eat in the restaurant, they have great service, but tonight we wanted to eat at home. Josh and I always order the Chicken Tikka Masala, which comes with a choice of rice or naan (the flatbread shown in the picture above). We order it with rice and a side of naan, and split, which is plenty of food for both of us. They are located on 80th, close to Slide. You can find their website here. If you live in Lubbock, check it out!

Last night I was going to make a chicken and rice dish, but just before starting to cook, realized the rice was expired (I thought it lasted forever, but I guess I was wrong). So, I looked at what we had on hand, which was not much, and decided to do nachos, but this time with chicken and homemade tortilla chips.

I saw the recipe for the tortilla chips on Mexican Made Easy on Food Network. You can find the recipe here. These chips are baked, rather than fried like most chips, so they are much healthier. They are also cheaper! I added chili powder and Julio's seasoning for mine.

I baked the nachos in the oven like last time. This time I topped them with black beans, roasted green chiles, chicken, low fat shredded cheese and my homemade salsa.

Last night I did some weight exercises at home, then for some reason had the motivation to try a yoga video (I found it through instant Netflix). I have always wanted to try getting into yoga, but never have. I really enjoyed doing it. It was relaxing, yet still felt like a good workout.

I finally got paid, so no more empty fridge! I did a quick grocery trip tonight, but look forward to stocking up this weekend. We are hosting a Super Bowl party this weekend, so I will be stocking up on lots of food. I look forward to sharing the recipes and pictures Monday!

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