Monday, April 12, 2010

New Pasta Dish & Another Basketball Game

Tonight I tried a new recipe I found in the April issue of Sunset magazine. I followed the directions except I used cherry tomatoes rather than regular ones, and no purple basil (don't know if they carry it at the local grocery store-I might have to look harder next time). This dish was pretty good, but I forgot to season it before serving, so it seemed a little bland. So, if I try it again, I will season it ahead of time and try to find the purple basil! This was very easy to make, and pretty fresh and healthy! You can find the recipe here.

Tonight I had another basketball game. The last one was canceled, and I had plans the week before that and couldn't play, so I finally got to play again tonight. This evening's game was much better than the last one I played in. Our opponents were not high school varsity players (more women in their 20s and 30s like us), and they had no subs, so we beat them pretty easily. I felt much better playing (most likely because I wasn't trying to keep up with 17-year-olds!), and I had a few good shots which boosted my confidence!

I am going climbing again tomorrow too, so I am slowly getting back into the work out mode. I realized today that I haven't done any of my at home weight workouts, I guess I just slowly quit, without really meaning to. So, I am going to try to start doing that again too.

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