Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Indian Food at Home

The other night I made tikka masala (our favorite Indian dish) at home with the help of some sauce and rice from World Market. It is a very easy meal, and really good! All you have to do is cut chicken breasts into pieces, saute until cooked through, then pour sauce in the pan with the chicken and let it simmer about awhile. You can substitute veggies, shrimp, or any other meat for the chicken. The rice is simple too, you just put the bag in the microwave! Although it is not as good as Maharaja, it is still pretty tasty!

Above is a picture of the sauce and rice, in case you are interested. They have many other sauces as well.

Tonight I am baking up a storm in our kitchen in preparation for a wedding shower I am co-hosting tomorrow, and a birthday party tomorrow night for some friends. I am making a wonderful cream cheese pound cake for both parties, and for the shower I am making my blueberry lemon cookies and my homemade salsa. I will have pictures and recipes up in the next couple of days for those.

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  1. Went out and bought it yesterday!! Because of your post!!! I was craving Indian food so bad after I saw the rice and chicken. Holy cow, curry is the best!