Friday, January 29, 2010


Well, the lazy snow day theme has continued at the Collins' household. The only work I have done is cooking, which does not seem like work to me. We decided it was time for lunch, and realized it was already 3:00 (what a glorious day)! I had seen a salad recipe on Barefoot Contessa last week, and bought a few of the ingredients this week. I thought I would make that for our lunch, since we had eaten such a big brunch. However, I realized that I was missing quite a few of the ingredients, so I just made my own version.

Place a couple handfuls of arugula in a bowl, and top with roughly chopped Granny Smith apples (I used one apple for two salads), dried cranberries, walnuts, cotija cheese (or feta), cracked pepper, and lite honey mustard vinaigrette (I used Annie's naturals brand).

This was a great salad, very fresh, and a great blend of sweet and sour flavors. Josh and I both loved it. I will make it again, and sometime try the recipe I saw on the show too, it seemed to have a good homemade dressing.

Time for more laziness!

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