Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Cookie Time!

That title is a little reference to Troop Beverly Hills, man I use to love that movie! Well, Thursday night we ate leftover enchiladas for dinner, but afterward, I decided to bake some cookies using a new recipe I found. The recipe is from my Cooking Light cookbook, and is a lighter version of regular chocolate chip cookies. It's their Double-Chocolate Chip Cookies.  In the recipe it calls for dried cherries and white chocolate chips as well as semisweet chocolate chips, but since I only had semisweet chocolate chips on hand, I just doubled the amount of those. This recipe has you freeze the dough before baking, and it really helps keep the cookies in a nice shape, so I may keep doing that from now on. The first batch I made the cookies bigger than they suggested, but I made another batch yesterday with smaller cookies, and I think they turned out a little better. Plus, it is easier to eat less with smaller cookies!

Friday night we had friends over and made pizzas using the Pillsbury crust. My friend brought a bunch of different toppings, and we all made what we liked. It was fun, and the pizzas were very good.

On Friday morning I was super tired when the alarm went off, so I decided to sleep longer and run today (Saturday) instead. I think it was good, because I was behind on sleep, and I was able to get a nice run in this morning. Josh had a meeting at school at 10:30, so I dropped him off, then parked my car at J&B Coffee, which is in my favorite neighborhood in Lubbock, Tech Terrace. I ran around the neighborhood, which was a nice change of scenery.

I felt pretty good on the run again. I still go at a pretty slow pace, but I feel okay while I do it (it is difficult at times, but I don't feel like I am dying or want to throw up). I have a great playlist on my ipod to make things a little more enjoyable. At one point on my run, I was listening to a Vampire Weekend song (they are one of my favorite bands, and don't get turned off by the name, their music isn't morbid), and I just started smiling, and I really just wanted to start dancing down the street like I was living a Broadway musical. I refrained from the dancing, but if anyone saw me, they were probably wondering why I was smiling while running. I am sure it looked pretty odd. I ran 20 minutes again. Well, actually, I kept running to 21 minutes, since I am so hard core now. Then I walked a few blocks back to my car and went into J&B to have some coffee and do a little work...not a bad morning!

For lunch, Josh and I went to one of my favorite local restaurants, Thai Pepper. I ordered chicken fried rice, which is my favorite meal there (I know, it's not too exciting, but it's really good!). I ate half of it and took the rest home. I think that is one of the best ways to stay healthy when eating out. The portions are usually so huge, so if you can put half in a to go container, it will keep you from over eating.

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