Saturday, January 30, 2010

Empty Fridge, Empty Wallet

Well, last night we concluded our relaxing snow day with some homemade pizza. I used the same recipe from a few weeks past (you can find it on an old post). The only difference was this time I used shredded mozzarella, not the fresh stuff (it wasn't as good, but still not too bad)!

This morning I made this for breakfast. It was very simple, just top a piece of toast with scrambled eggs, salsa, cilantro, and cotija cheese. It was a good way to use items I had in the fridge from previous meals, and was a nice, healthy, and filling breakfast.

Well, as you can see, there isn't too much in our fridge at the moment (besides ridiculous amounts of condiments, why is that always the case?). So, here is the challenge set before me; I have about $30 to my name until next Thursday (waiting for payday...seems to be the case all the time), and that money needs to be saved for gas. We have one car between the two of us, which happens to be a four-wheel drive Chevy truck, not exactly the most fuel efficient vehicle. So I must use the contents of this sparsely occupied fridge along with the random selection of pantry goods to feed Josh and myself through this week. I also have some chicken breasts in the freezer. I have looked over the selection, and think we can do it.

So stay tuned for empty fridge and empty wallet week with the Dieting Doughgirl.

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  1. ha ha! You crack me up. I'll look forward to seeing what you can come up with. :) Love you guys!