Sunday, January 10, 2010

British-Style Dinner

Tonight I made these blueberry-almond cookies, which are a favorite of mine. I saw the recipe awhile back on Everyday Italian. They are delicious and easy to make. You can find the recipe here. The only thing I change is not putting almonds in, just because I don't like nuts in cookies. Now, this isn't necessarily healthy, but I think having just one is an okay dessert. Tonight I had one with skim was very good!

For dinner, I tried a new recipe from the January issue of Cooking Light. It is for Beer Battered Fish and Chips. The recipe is available here. The recipe was pretty good, nothing amazing, but something I would make again. I liked that it only required five ingredients. I also thought the batter was tasty with the beer flavor to it. Josh really liked it too. The only suggestions I have for this are to make sure you slice the potatoes thin to keep the fries crispy, and to make sure when you fry the fish that you keep all the fish pieces from touching. If they don't have enough space in the pan, the batter will get stuck together and fall off the fish. Also, I seasoned the fries with Lawry's Less Sodium Season Salt instead of regular salt, which gave it a little more flavor. I found a pound of frozen cod fillets at Target for $8.99, which isn't too bad for fish (at least not in Lubbock).

Tomorrow morning I start my running. The forecast says it will be 18's going to be rough! More to come on that!

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