Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Journey Begins...Sort of

Well, today is my first official day to blog. I have always admired my friends' blogs, but have never ventured into the blogging world myself. We'll see how this goes.

I was one of those lucky girls who easily gained the "freshman fifteen" (I don't know if it was exactly fifteen pounds, but it was somewhere in the vicinity). My dorm freshman year had tons of easily accessible junk food and my student dining card made it all seem free (although my parents knew that was not the case). Many pints of Blue Bell Ice Cream, bags of Doritos, and mini pizzas later, and it was a little difficult to zip up those high school jeans I had brought with me to school.

Throughout my college and post college years, my weight has continued to fluctuate from the thinnest I have been to the biggest I have been. I have never become extremely overweight, it has mostly been within about a 20 pound range.

This past year I have gained weight again, and my husband has joined me in doing the same. He is a busy second-year law student, and I am a busy high school teacher and coach (plus part time babysitter). So as 2009 drew to a close, we decided 2010 would be time to change. We both enjoy sports and activities and don't mind healthy food, but we also enjoy watching movies and eating junk food.

So, my goal with this blog is to chronicle our journey towards a healthy lifestyle. We are not trying a crash diet or anything too extreme (remember, we are very lazy), so instead we are going to work on eating healthier meals and using better portion control. I love to cook, and have spent the past few years (mostly since getting married) trying to perfect my culinary skills. I will continue to use old recipes as well as trying out new ones. Many will be from my new Cooking Light cookbook and the Cooking Light magazine my sister gave me a subscription to for Christmas (thanks, Erin!). I will also use many from some of my favorite chefs on Food Network as well as a few I have come up with on my own. On the exercise side of things we will try moderate, regular workouts. Some will be things I enjoy like hiking, tennis, and basketball, and others things I don't like as much like running, core exercise, and weight training.

I will be sharing the ups and downs of incorporating this new lifestyle, and share recipes, exercise ideas, and tips on good restaurants. Mostly, it will give me a chance to write regularly, venting about everything I hate about being healthy, and sharing my excitement over good food.

So, all of that to say, I will be starting my new healthy lifestyle...on Monday. For now, I have some bowl games to watch (which require copious amounts of junk food).

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