Monday, January 25, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

Well, this weekend was not the most successful as far as diet and exercise go, but it wasn't too bad (or at least that is what I am making myself believe). I did not exercise much, just some weight workouts at home last night. I did, however, enjoy some good food favorites and such that I thought I would share.

The picture above is of my cute coffee mug I found at one of my favorite local stores here in Lubbock, Hodgepodge Design. It is on 26th and Boston, next to J&B. They have home decor, jewelry, stationary, and other fun items. You can find their website here. The style reminds me of Anthropologie. I have found so many fun things there. Some of my friends have had their wedding invitations made there, and my mom ordered some really cute shower invitations their once.

Below is a picture of some amazing gelato I found this weekend. Now, I realize this is not that healthy, but it is better than ice cream, and the main thing is, I have a very small portion when I eat it. Gelato is easier to eat in small portions too, because it is so rich. I found this at Market Street, and the nice design of the container hooked me (I am a marketer's favorite type of customer-they get me every time)! This is excellent gelato, and it is made in Dallas, so it is a great way to "Go Texan."

On Saturday my friend Beth and her husband were in town visiting. I went to lunch with them at Fuzzy's Taco Shop, which has locations in Lubbock and the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I ordered the tempura fish tacos, which I had never tried before. They were filled with fried fish, cilantro, garlic sauce, and feta cheese. I would definitely order them again. I had two, which was a good amount, but not too filling.

On Saturday night I used our leftover taco meat to make nachos. I like to bake nachos in the oven, especially when they are for more than one person. It is easier to spread it all out on the pan, which allows the cheese to melt more evenly. I topped tortilla chips with taco meat, green chiles, and cheese, then baked them at 350 degrees for about 5 minutes or until the cheese was melted. I usually like to use black beans too, but I did not have any on hand.

Sunday night was not healthy, but sure tasted good! I have been buying frozen pizzas at Target, their Archer Farms Brand. They have thin crust style, which is really good. They have different toppings, and last night we had the most unhealthy, pepperoni. I added some of our roasted green chiles on top (I know you are probably sick of hearing about those at this point, but we love them so much!). In New Mexico, it is very popular to put green chiles on pizza, and it is so good! I highly recommend it!

I was going to wake up this morning and run, but when the alarm went off, I just couldn't do it. Mondays are rough! Anyway, I am going to try to run tonight after work (hopefully I can muster up the motivation).

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  1. I love gelato! My favorite place is Paciugo (sp?) in Dallas, or perhaps they have them other places, too. Anyway, it is very yummy! And, I agree that it is much easier to eat smaller portions with gelato than with ice cream. Your posts make me salivate!