Sunday, December 30, 2012

Getting Creative With Leftovers

One of the meals I made while I had family in town for Christmas (which I forgot to photograph originally) was slow cooker pulled pork. My grandmother gave me a copy of this recipe a few years ago, and it has become a regular in our house. It's easy and great for anytime we are entertaining and want something easy. I made it for Christmas Eve dinner and we served it on hamburger buns with different flavored Kettle Brand potato chips. Nothing fancy, but so simple, and it cooked on it's own all day while I was able to enjoy time with my family!

The day after Christmas my family all went home, and although the house was suddenly empty, my refrigerator was not. We had so many leftovers! One of which was the barbecue pulled pork. We were out of buns and I kind of felt like something different anyway. So I used the meat to make barbecue grilled tacos on my new panini press my grandmother gave me (thank you, Nana!). 

I began by heating up the leftover meat on the panini press.

Next I laid two flour tortillas on the panini press, sprinkled shredded cheese on them, a little meat, a little more cheese, and some barbecue sauce (Stubbs BBQ sauce to be exact, which is my favorite).

Then I folded the tortillas in half, shut the panini press for a few minutes until the cheese was all melted, and enjoyed them with some of my leftover chips. This was an easy way to make leftovers a little more interesting.

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