Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bowling Alley Foodie

When you think of bowling alley food, the first things that pop into your brain are most likely cold pizza, hot dogs, nachos, and cheap beer. I am sure the last things you might think of are duck enchiladas, filet mignon, or lemon ricotta pancakes. However, if you visit Ezra's Place in the Lucky 66 Bowling Alley in Albuquerque, you would find all of these delicious items and more.

After reading a glowing review from trusted local food blogger, Gil Garduno and checking out Urbanspoon, I knew I had to give Ezra's Place a try. I finally got around to trying it yesterday. We had friends traveling through town and they were willing to give it a chance, even though they knew it was in a bowling alley (now those are great friends). 

The atmosphere at Ezra's place may not be what you would expect from a restaurant serving dishes like duck confit, but in many ways, the old booths and windows facing out into the bowling alley just gives it that much more character. And watching people bowl can be quite entertaining.

We went for a late lunch and had eaten a big breakfast that morning, so although all of the brunch options sounded incredible, we all chose lunch items instead. I ordered the steak sandwich after asking the waitress which dishes were her favorite. The meat was well cooked, not overdone, it had a little spice to it, and the guacamole was a great touch as well. You can choose a salad or fries with your sandwich and I went for the fries, which were incredible. Delicious, light and crispy shoestring good! I am very picky when it comes to french fries (don't even think about serving me bland, thick steak fries), and these are at the top of my list of my favorite fries ever. I took the picture above with my phone, which is not the best, but at least it can give you an idea. 

My friends both loved their food as well, especially Robert, who ordered the duck enchiladas. They had a tomatillo sauce which had a touch of sweetness to it. We also ordered chips and salsa for an appetizer. They were great too. The chips were fresh and definitely made on site, and although the salsa was not very spicy, it was still very good. 

There were so many things on the menu that sounded delicious and unique. I will be returning to Ezra's Place in the near future to give them a try as well! So if you live in Albuquerque, or are just visiting, check out Ezra's Place and your opinion of bowling alley cuisine will be forever changed. 

Ezra's Place on Urbanspoon 


  1. I always read Gil's reviews before going to restaurants too.

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