Monday, March 29, 2010

Easy Entertaining

Sunday night we had our small group for church at our house. Everyone brings a little something, and for my part I served chips with my homemade salsa, chocolate chip cookies (Cooking Light recipe from earlier post), and hummus with pita chips and celery. I just used store bought hummus (Sabra brand, original flavor), and to add a little flavor, I drizzled it with olive oil and garlic pepper. These are healthy (for the most part), easy, and flavorful dishes that are great for entertaining.

I haven't exercised much in the past few days, but tomorrow I am getting back into rock climbing (for about the 3rd time, hoping it sticks this time), so maybe I will have some more stories soon. I am telling my friends that go with me that we need to go every Tuesday night, so I think it will help to have a routine with some accountability.

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  1. Oh, sorry I didn't make it! I keep having things come up or to do. Hope it went well!