Friday, March 5, 2010

Easy Italian

On Wednesday night I made this yummy chicken parmigiana. It is a recipe I saw on Tyler's Ultimate on Food Network. I followed most of his recipe but omitted the olives since I don't really like them, and also omitted a few other things that I did not have at my house (onions and fresh mozzarella). I also substituted fresh parsley for fresh basil because it was what I had available. This meal is easy to make, and is very filling. Most of the ingredients are things you may already have around your house too. You can find the recipe here.

Before I started cooking, I sliced a baguette and managed to slice the tip of my thumb as well-guess I need a better bread knife. No worries though, it was just a small cut. A week ago I zested a bit of my thumb instead of the lime in my hand, and I have had quite a few instances where I have burned my skin. Ahh...the joys of cooking!

Anyway, back to the baguette...after bandaging my thumb, I put the bread on a plate with some oil for dipping. I poured balsamic vinegar and olive oil over a mixture of crushed red pepper flakes, garlic salt, and herbs de provence. This is such a simple appetizer, and you can put any type of seasoning in there, depending on your personal tastes.

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