Monday, June 14, 2010

Light Dinner

Last night we were ready for a light and healthy dinner after our week of not eating so well. I made this pasta salad that is a favorite of mine. It is very simple, and if you make the amount the recipe calls for, you will have plenty left over for lunch for a few more days. The recipe is on a previous post.

For the pasta salad I used this pasta I bought at World Market. It was very good!

We also made margaritas last night. Josh enjoys playing bartender, so he tried a recipe from his Ultimate Bar Book that I gave him for Christmas a couple of years ago. The recipe was for a Classic Margarita.

It was a pretty good margarita. We both thought it was a little sour with all the lime, and I remembered we had just bought blueberries, so I decided to mix those in. I just put a handful in the glass and mashed a few of them at the bottom. It was pretty good, but I think next time I might try it with some sugar added, or make a simple syrup with the blueberries.

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