Monday, June 14, 2010

Back to a Normal Schedule

Well, Josh and I finished our week as parents of six children on Saturday afternoon, and it has been very nice to be back to our regular routine for the next few weeks. We spent the week not eating super healthy, and when we got back home Saturday, we continued the theme. We had nothing to eat around the house, so we went to Five Guys and picked up some cheeseburgers and french fries. We love Five Guys, and it is dangerously close to our new apartment (we might be going there quite a bit this year)!

I made this breakfast of eggs and bacon with coffee and apple juice (Simply Apple brand, it's delicious!) the week before we watched the kids. I was making breakfast and exercising everyday, so I am doing that again, and hope to get back into a good routine.

When I cook eggs and bacon, I like to sprinkle fresh cracked pepper on the bacon before I cook it. After it is done cooking, I remove it from the pan, drain the grease from the pan (but do not wipe clean), then scramble the eggs in the pan. It gives the eggs great flavor.

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