Friday, June 18, 2010

Eating & Burning Carbs

Last night I used the leftover (uncooked) ground beef from Wednesday night to make a meat sauce for pasta. I put about 1/3 lb. of lean ground beef in a pan, and cooked it most of the way, breaking it into small pieces as it browned, then added a jar of pasta sauce. This time I used Newman's Own Sockarooni (pictured below). I like this sauce because it is fairly inexpensive (I think the jar was about $1.30 at Target), it's all natural, and this particular flavor is filled with peppers and spices, giving it a little more flavor than plain marinara. I did add a little garlic salt and crushed red pepper to it for an extra kick.

After I added the jar, I waited for it to get bubbly, then turned the heat down to low and covered it. Meanwhile, I cooked the pasta, which was Full Circle organic bow tie pasta. Full Circle is a generic organic brand that is usually cheaper than other organic options. When the pasta was cooked, I put some in each bowl, added sauce, and topped it with fresh basil and fresh grated parmesan.

I am a teacher, so right now I am not working (hallelujah!), which is giving me much more free time to work out, eat breakfast, and live a more balanced life. Sometimes I wish I could just be a housewife all the time! I sure am enjoying it. Each morning after I take Josh to work I go to the Texas Tech rec center and work out, then come home and eat a good breakfast. This has been a great way to start each morning. I am planning on continuing this routine for the next two weeks, then we are off to Washington, D.C. for about six weeks. Josh will be doing an internship there, and while he is at work during the day, I will be exploring around the city. I will be posting lots of pictures with travel tips and local restaurants while I am there. I am really excited!

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