Monday, February 25, 2013

Aloo Gobi, the Miracle Meal!

Some dishes are so delicious, simple, and healthy, they just have to be part of your regular line-up. The Aloo Gobi (spiced cauliflower and potatoes) from The Indian Slow Cooker is one of those dishes in our family. I have made it before and talked about how much I love this cookbook. If you have not purchased this book or checked it out at your local library, do it now! You will not regret it! It's so nice to have tasty Indian food recipes that can be prepared easily.

One of the things I love about this dish besides its wonderful flavor and healthiness (it's vegan), is the price. I spent under $5 on this entire meal (which is about 6 servings). Cauliflower and potatoes were on sale at Sprouts, but even when they are not, it's still inexpensive. Feeding a family of six a healthy and delicious meal for under $5 is amazing (or 2 adults one meal plus plenty of leftovers)!


  1. looks delish! because it takes me forever to get a specific book from the library, i looked a little on anupy's blog and saw this aloo gobi recipe (not in the slow cooker)
    i'll have to try it soon!

    1. Thanks! Let me know if you try that one! By the way, you can borrow my book the next time you're at my house :)

  2. Replies
    1. I can't share the recipe since it's copyrighted :) I think they have this book at the library and you can also get Alamosa to order it for you (that's what I did).