Friday, February 4, 2011

Easy Curry

My friend Emily shared this easy and delicious meal idea with me. Cook cut up chicken breasts (or whatever meat you have around) in a pan with this yellow curry paste (you can find it at Asian Grocery Stores), and a can of coconut milk (you can find this at Asian Grocery Stores or most upscale grocery stores or World Market). Add any vegetables you have on hand too. When I made it this time I used frozen peas and corn. Cook until meat is cooked through. I usually cook it on medium until the sauce is bubbly then turn it down to low and cook for about 20 minutes or however long it takes for the chicken to cook. You can also do it in a slow cooker, but I don't know about the times for that. Serve over rice.

This meal is so simple, and very delicious (it has a nice spicy kick too)! I have started stocking up on the coconut milk and the curry paste at the Asian Grocery store, and I usually have rice, chicken, and some vegetables around, so it is a great last minute meal!

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