Friday, July 23, 2010

This Week in the Capitol

On Wednesday night, Josh, me, and our friend Mallory went to the Kennedy Center to see Shear Madness. We found half price tickets the day of the show, so it was a great deal! The show is done here in D.C. and in Boston. Josh had seen it in Boston with his family a few years back and really enjoyed it. It is a funny mystery show where the audience gets involved to help figure out the case. It takes place in D.C., and they have plenty of lines and humor in reference to the city. If you are ever here (or in Boston), you should see it. It is really fun!

It was also fun to get to see the Kennedy Center. I loved the building, and especially the views from the outside terrace. That is where Josh and I took the above picture. Anyone can come into the building, so even if you don't go to a show, you could come check out the views.

Yesterday Josh and I went on what he called a "double date." Not the kind where you go with another couple, but a lunch date and a dinner date on the same day. We met for lunch at Circa Cafe near Dupont Circle. It is close to his office, so it was an easy place to meet. The food was delicious and very fresh, and the atmosphere was comfortable and nice. I ordered the Free-Range Chicken Pizza, which had grilled chicken, basil, sun-dried tomatoes, and artichokes. It was really good. And it fed my craving for pizza, which, as I mentioned before, seems to be constant. At least this one was kind of healthy, right?

We had dinner at Cafe Asia, which my brother-in-law had recommended. They had a wide variety of Asian dishes. We got there right at the end of happy hour, so Josh was able to get a few pieces of sushi pretty cheap. We ended up ordering a few different appetizers and other sushi as well. I enjoyed the Spicy Chinese Ravioli, which was pork dumplings in a spicy sauce. We also had crab wontons which were good. When you are pregnant, you are not suppose to have raw meat, so I was sad I couldn't try much sushi, but then we noticed they had some tempura rolls, which have fried meat. So I got crab tempura rolls, and Josh got shrimp, and we shared with one another. They were pretty good.

One thing I love about D.C. is all the amazing restaurants. There are so many, you could go to a different one every night and not even cover one neighborhood. There is a great variety of places too. I think we will be going out most nights next week since we will have family in town, so it should be fun!

This weekend Josh's parents are coming in town, and we are going with them to Philadelphia. We are really looking forward to it. Neither of us have been there, so it should be fun. Plus, we get to stay in a hotel and get out of our stinky place here!

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