Friday, May 7, 2010

Summer Is Almost Here!

On Tuesday night, I tried a new recipe I found in the latest issue of Southern Living. The meal felt like summer to me, and we enjoyed it out on our patio. I love summer cooking, grilled food, fresh fruits and vegetables, and dining al fresco!

The recipe was for grilled chicken thighs, but I had chicken breasts in my freezer, so I used those instead. It also had a recipe for a white barbecue sauce, which sounded great, but I did not have all the ingredients for that, so I did not make the sauce. We just used our barbecue sauce we had in the fridge. The chicken was really easy to make. You just combine spices, which you should have in your spice rack already to make a rub. Then you grill the chicken, so it was very simple! You can find the recipe here. The chicken was really tasty, so we will definitely do it again. It would also be great for entertaining, because you could prepare the chicken earlier in the day, so all you have to do is throw it on the grill.

To accompany the chicken, I made green chile cheese grits. I just cooked some quick grits from the box, and once they were cooked, stirred in colby-jack cheese and chopped green chiles. It was pretty easy, but I think next time I will go easy on the green chile, I put a little too much in and it kind of overpowered the grits.

I also served a spinach strawberry salad. It was just organic baby spinach leaves with sliced strawberries and pepper, and a drizzling of basalmic vinaigrette. It is very good, healthy, and easy!

For breakfast on Monday, I had a little more time than normal, so I made a quick and healthy breakfast, similar to what I made on Saturday. This time there were no potatoes, and no bacon, but I used spinach and fresh grated parmigianno reggiano. Saute fresh spinach in a pan with olive oil, place the cooked spinach on top of a piece of whole wheat toast, then top with a fried egg, roasted cherry tomatoes, and the cheese. This was very good, and very easy. It's a great vegetarian meal too!

On Sunday night, we decided we wanted a light dinner since we had the big taco lunch. I went to Market Street and picked up sushi. We had tuna rolls, salmon rolls, and vegetable rolls. It was a nice meal for Sunday night, especially when you have eaten a big lunch.

We are moving in a couple of weeks, so we went ahead and canceled our cable and internet. So, my writing may be a little sporadic until we move into our new place! I have to write whenever I am somewhere that I can get online!

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