Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall Flavor

I have been so awful keeping up the blog lately, so rather than trying to catch up with everything I have been cooking lately, I thought I would choose one of my recent favorites. My mom shared a recipe she had seen on Tyler's Ultimate on the Food Network for Ricotta Pancakes. You can find the recipe here. I tried them, and they were delicious! On Halloween night I was feeling in the mood for a flavor of fall, so I decided to take the recipe for the Ricotta Pancakes and create my own pumpkin adaptation. It was so amazing, that I have made it multiple times since.

The ricotta recipe is really two recipes in one. It has the pancakes with baked apples and crispy prosciutto. But when I made the pumpkin version, I left the apple and prosciutto portion out and for the pancake batter I omitted the lemon and substituted canned pumpkin for the ricotta (use the same amount of pumpkin as you would ricotta). The pumpkin has a similar consistency to the ricotta, so I think it makes a good replacement. I also sprinkled cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice into the batter. If you half the recipe, it makes 6 medium sized pancakes, which is what I do for Josh and me. The pancakes are pretty rich and filling, so we think this portion size is great. Serve with real maple syrup, and if you are trying to be a little healthier, put the syrup in a small dish and dip your pancakes in so you don't drown them in sugar.

So put on your scarf, watch the leaves fall, and enjoy some pumpkin pancakes!

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